Friday, April 20, 2007

Joe Citizens Salute A Fellow Joe

As a watchdog of Memphis and Shelby County government, Joe Saino could open up a business tracking corruption and the wrongdoing of elected and appointed officials. Whether he is running down numbers, demanding greater transparency, or blogging about the effects of cronyism, the watchdog tackles the tough issues. "Joe performs thankless work in the City on the Take," says Tom Guleff, founder of

The effects of his crusade could be observed at the end of a recent Charter Commission meeting at the Central Library. When Joe Saino rose to speak, George Brown, the elected chairman of the commission, in a most loathing tone said, “Not you again”. If this is the effect that Joe has on elected officials, we need a county full of watchdogs and watchpups.

Recently, Joe has been hot on the trail of the MLGW’s business dealings. If you’d like to find out what Joe Saino has discovered, visit his website at or blog site at .