Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bribe Etiquette – 10 Easy Phrases has published a helpful cheat sheet for public servants who are approached by unsavory characters for access and favor. “We are giving these phrases free of charge. There will always be those that will attempt to sway government officials in some way or another. Corruption destroys the very system that protects us all. It cannot be tolerated in any party or at any level of government," says Tom Guleff, founder of

The Top 10 Easy Phrases we would love to hear from our elected officials upon a bribe offer.

10. “Hey, put the booze away, I can't drink on the job.”

9. “You know, there's a limit to the amount of money you can donate to my campaign.”

8. “I wish I could help, but you're asking me to do something illegal.”

7. “Man, this sounds like a feel good story for the media. I'll call Marc Perrusquia at the CA on this.”

6. “I can't take that trip to Miami without my family.”

5. “I do business with the FBI all the time, have a seat.”

4. “How much do I owe you for the FEDEX FORUM tickets?”

3. “No, I insist, I got dinner, you take care of the tip.”

2. “This watch, my son gave this to me last Christmas, Timex $6.95.”

1. “I really don't see how this benefits the folks I represent.”