Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Crazyland: The Coming Tax Increases in Shelby County and the Waste of Civic Energy over Consolidation

Shelby County Politicos Burning  Tax Dollars

So many politicos in this town have wasted civic energy on consolidation efforts that were never going to improve our community, both metro and school consolidations. Now they are asking us to pay for their craziness.

Time is Money and they have burned through it for several years now.
Please stop the madness.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Logan G's - Chomp Burger - Sandwich Competition

My son, Logan (9 years old), likes to cook. So he entered a national sandwich competition (link here - http://www.jif.com/Promotions/Most-Creative-Peanut-Butter/CastVote), where he placed in the top 10.

He also has a food blog (link here – http://thetasteofmemphis.blogspot.com).

So now he is both a chef and a critic.

The top 5 from the sandwich contest go to New York City for the next round.

You can vote for him, Logan G. from Memphis, TN – “Chomp Burger”. Vote Early and Vote Often.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Paper Moon Construction ( How To Make a Papermoon )

Along time ago, folks had their picture taken on the moon. (see photos above).

Here's how we made a paper moon for our friend's wedding.

Plywood and a plan.

Several coats of paint.

Paint the face and check camera shots with "sepia" filters.

Steady camera and add backdrop.

Floating on the moon.

Photo with bride and groom. (in sepia)

Need to rent a moon. E-mail me at tomguleff at gmail.com.