Saturday, November 11, 2006 Tries to Take Advantage of Politicians

Memphis , TN - 11 October 2006 - has announced its unfinished endorsed candidates list for the upcoming November election. "We'd like to call attention to our "slate" sheet before other shell organizations release theirs for the upcoming political races. Simply put, our endorsement sheet should not be taken to the polls. It is as bogus as you can get,” says Tom Guleff , founder of

A slate sheet is a political "helper" designed to sway voters toward a set of candidates and referendums. Political operatives circulate these sheets at parties, churches, political gatherings, the internet, and at the polls. Those in the business, call it a "primer for the voter" and a real moneymaker.

There is usually a good wholesome name that tops the list of endorsed candidates. We are leaning toward the official sponsor name: "Good Concerned Taxpayer Citizens for Reforming Government in Shelby County .” These code words really do the trick if used properly.

It is important to head the slate (or salt the list) with legitimate winners. This keeps the voter from questioning whether it is a legitimate endorsement. Putting a fringe candidate at the top of the list is a dead give-a-way of a bogus slate sheet. A picture of President Bush or some political heavy hitter is a must. The halo effect will help cover the little known candidates on the lower portion of the sheet.

Most "slaters" make money on worried candidates. They help defray the cost of time and effort to print these. Most ask for the league minimum of $250 - $500 per candidate. They'll explain to the candidate that printing costs and t-shirts (along with gas hikes related to the printing business) are going through the roof, but they have managed to keep the cost low.

They’ll also add a word or two about extensive research effort but in the end, "Money talks, baby.” We won't leave the Democrats out, since they also spend money. The same rules will apply to sheets targeted for democratic leaning precincts. We may even keep John Ford's name on the Democratic slate sheet for District 29, because it feels legitimate.

To view a sample of our ballot, visit -

Disclaimer: nor Tom Guleff has any intention of publishing an endorsement sheet or receiving compensation for such sheet. Mr. Guleff has never paid for a political endorsement or a listing on a slate sheet.

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