Saturday, November 04, 2006

Concerned Republicans Ask John Harvey to Serve on Election Commission

Memphis , TN – November 5, 2006 – Concerned Republicans are asking John Harvey, watchdog of the Shelby County Election Commission, to consider serving on the Shelby County Election Commission. “This draft movement is taking hold on internet blogs and radio airwaves,” says Tom Guleff, founder of “Every day it becomes more evident that we have some real problems in our election process. We’ve had dead people voting, double voting, and out-of-district voting. The system is out of control.”

“John has been instrumental in documenting many of the shortcomings and irregularities within our electoral process. His expertise in database management and law enforcement would add a lot to a new commission,” says Tom.

These positions are usually handed out to former party chairs, political insiders, and party cronies who have little expertise in fixing what is broke. On the national level, we have painfully seen the effects of such practices. Hopefully, we won’t take the same path that has gotten us to this point.

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