Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dr Frankenstein's Creation Seen Wandering in the 9th Congressional Race

Dr Frankenstein lives! See where they reside at

By Tom Guleff October 2006

We all understand the existence of a potent network of lobbyists and interests who have grown into entities that protect and defend their core goals at high costs. These warring organizations use the “money wedge" to squeeze aside good governance, in order to put forth a narrow focus on pet projects and legislation. Not one defendant in the Tennessee Waltz appeared to be shocked that a bogus company called E-cycle wanted political favor. It's the business model both sides work from.

Personalities and power have become far more important than problems and issues that face our community. The absurdity in this "quest for wedge money" was best observed in the cannibalizing process seen this summer between two top Democratic candidates in the 9th Congressional District.

The "money man" in this craziness was a political organization called "Emily's List.” Their mission is to support pro-choice candidates. It was clear to local politicos that Nikki Tinker, the recipient of thousands of the Emily donor dollars was attacking same party candidate Steve Cohen. But it was also obvious that Mr. Cohen was more supportive of the organization’s pro choice platform than Miss Tinker, but logic never stops the monster.

Like in so many cases, this monster was created and set loose without a mind. As with any terrible late night horror flick, this mindless creature will stop at nothing to destroy its foe. How can we trust one another (Republican or Democrat), if we send these creatures into the political wilderness with no ability to think? But, somehow we do.

Dr Frankenstein lives! See where they reside at

Tom Guleff, lifelong Republican, past Congressional candidate, Desert Storm Veteran, founder of

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