Sunday, June 27, 2010

Who Will Sell Consolidation ?

After August 10th, the metro charter commission will no longer exist. So who will sell consolidation?

After attending the Metro Charter Commission’s presentation to the City Council and the County Commission, one thing is clear, consolidation cannot sell itself. One has to wonder how consolidation got its political legs in the first place. There was never an outcry from citizens in the county or in the city to consolidate. It just appeared out of the blue.

I assume a group will be tasked to sell consolidation, under the guise of educating the public. They will present “their facts” to the public and claim to be neutral.

Today, more than ever, the voters are screaming for authentic voices. Voices that are not bought and sold through political favors or back door dealings. And certainly not from paid advocates requesting a conversation. If the charter commission was really serious about starting from a clean slate, their first act would have been to place a ban on all past office holders from ever serving in a metro government. That’s a clean slate. And something that wouldn’t need a marketing budget.

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