Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mulroy and Bailey Should Appear Before Charter Commission


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Contact: Tom Guleff

Mulroy and Bailey Should Appear Before Charter Commission

Memphis, TN – April 14, 2010 – Citizens of Memphis and Shelby County will soon get a historic opportunity to decide whether they want a consolidated government. Because this decision requires an honest and transparent debate, Save Shelby County (SSC) is asking Steve Mulroy and D’Army Bailey to appear before the Metro Charter Commission and review why they believe that the current voting requirement for consolidation is in violation of federal law, and explain the possible outcomes of such a decision.

If the dual vote requirement for consolidation is against federal law, it changes the entire dynamics of the discussion and the writing of a new charter for consolidating Memphis City Government with Shelby County Government. Every talking point from the pro-consolidation side up to now has been constructed on the foundation that both city and non-city voters have to agree before consolidation can move forward. Whatever trust that was built around this fundamental concept is quickly evaporating.

“We agree that this conversation needs to take place sooner than later. I just hope that the conversation of consolidation was not sold under false pretenses,” says Tom Guleff, co-chair of Save Shelby County.

Save Shelby County.Org (SSC) is a grass-roots non-partisan organization to provide factual information and alternate solutions to Shelby County, TN voters about the proposed consolidation of Shelby County and City of Memphis governments. SSC will provide information resources through public appearances, press releases, and its web site,

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