Sunday, March 07, 2010

RebuildGovernment Through The Looking Glass

The entire consolidation movement is beginning to look like a political “inside straight" perpetrated by a small group of political and business players. RebuildGovernment, a pro consolidation group, has fueled this perception by refusing to disclose their funding sources while at the same time demanding transparency and accountability in government. It is only a matter of time before the group will be forced to come clean through election law.

Those fronting for the group know that the decision to play coy with the funding has become a detriment to their cause. It is silly and embarrassing to think that an organization attempting to reinvent government could do so without public outcry for financial disclosure, especially in light of the corruption we've seen in this town over the last decade.

The charter commission is a government sanctioned body, appointed by an elected official and charged with defining a metro government as outlined in state law. The process is well on its way and has the backing of the city council and county commission. The charter committee is aided in this effort by RebuildGovernment to gather information in support of the consolidated government charter. It is apparent to many in the community that RebuildGovernment is truly an advocate for the consolidation movement. RebuildGovernment should be held accountable and adhere to the legal requirements that govern single issue (measure) groups and disclose their supporters. We are confident they will follow our lead in registering with the Shelby County Election Commission.

By Ronald Williams and Tom Guleff of Save Shelby County (taken from


Anonymous said...

At the risk of discouraging your paranoia and conspiracy theories, the Rebuild Government co-chairs voted several weeks ago to post all contributors and to exceed requirements for reporting.

And I think most people are like me: they are thrilled that finally business leaders - which are major employers in our towns - are doing something to improve government.

Why is your paranoia directed at them since they would have the most to lose if the towns' economies tank? If you're so transparent, tell us all about yourselves, your companies, your business record, number of employees, etc.

Tom Guleff said...

Anonymous commenting is paranoia. :)