Monday, March 29, 2010

Ethics Primer Offered to RebuildGovernment.Org


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Contact: Tom Guleff

Ethics Primer Offered to RebuildGovernment.Org

Memphis, TN – March 29, 2010 – Citizens of Memphis and Shelby County will soon get a historic opportunity to decide whether they want a consolidated government. Because this decision requires an honest and transparent debate, Save Shelby County (SCS) is offering RebuildGovernment an ethics primer in transparency and accountability, something that is short supply in our community.

“It’s obvious that RebuildGovernment is in full support of writing a new charter for consolidating Memphis City Government with Shelby County Government. Whether one is for, against, or not sure about consolidation, one thing is clear, RebuildGovernment has something to hide with its contributions and expenditures,” says Tom Guleff, co-chair of Save Shelby County. "We are offering a four step ethics recovery program for RebuildGovernment as a Single Issue Referendum Committee for a local issue:

1. The organization must appoint a treasurer.

2. Before any funds are collected, open a dedicated bank account.

3. Obtain an Appointment of Political Treasurer Form SS-1107 on line from the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance at:

4. Complete Form and submit to the Shelby County Election Commission by certified mail at: Shelby County Election Commission, 150 Washington Ave, 2nd Floor, Suite 109, Memphis, TN 38103-1999

It’s that easy !!! “

Save Shelby County.Org (SSC) is a grass-roots non-partisan organization to provide factual information and alternate solutions to Shelby County, TN voters about the proposed consolidation of Shelby County and City of Memphis governments. SSC will provide information resources through public appearances, press releases, and its web site,

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