Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Take This Dollar Bill, I Have Plenty

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The charges against Garrett include an allegation that she received money from councilwoman Barbara Swearengen Ware on April 29, 2008. Asked during an afternoon press conference if Ware could be indicted, District Atty. Gen. Gibbons said, "The investigation is ongoing.''


lilaruby said...

the people doing the bribing AND the person in charge need to face the music. At least the voters will have a go at the person in charge next election, but doesn't negate her responsibility as top management to put systems in place to prevent graft and corruption.

Tom Guleff said...

lilaruby, you are so so right

lilaruby said...

The graft and corruption I saw locally in 2004 is a large part of why i got actively involved in local Democratic politics....the are MANY Democrats who DO believe in law and order and do believe public officials should set the standard and be held accountable by the legal system and by the voters.