Sunday, April 26, 2009

MCS at Public Issues Forum

Mr Hamer (top photo) made a few interesting comments:

Public education in Memphis is marginal.

A large number of current students in MCS have been retained (held back in a grade) at least once

In the last 4 year enrollment has fallen from 118,000 to 104,000 students

The 3 major issues facing MCS

1 Funding

2 Curriculum overhaul

3 Infrastructure (IT included)


The Public Issues Forum is a voluntary association that sponsors programs to stimulate civil discussion and debate on current issues.

3:00 PM Sunday, April 26, 2009
Main (Hooks) Library, 3030 Poplar Ave.

Memphis City Schools - Reaching a Childs Potential

Guest Speaker: Irving Hamer, Jr., Memphis City Schools Deputy Superintendent of Academic Operations, Technology and innovation.

Topic: Memphis City Schools --- Reaching a Child's Potential

MODERATOR: Otis L. Sanford, Opinion Editor, Memphis Commercial Appeal
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