Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Your Mayor AC Wharton Avatar & The Shelby County Budget

Here’s Your Mayor AC Wharton - Avatar

With a potential budget deficit of more than $16 million dollars looming for the Shelby County budget (adjusted from $14.5 million), the county mayor is asking for ideas. What better way to understand what it feels like to be a mayor than in a virtual online world with a virtual budget. In a "Second Life" world, one can assume an online personality known as an avatar and live an internet fantasy.

See if you can handle the Shelby County budget crisis with your Mayor AC Wharton - Avatar. But beware; there are virtual voters, virtual unfunded mandates, virtual commissioners, and other political avatars sharing the same stage. Don't forget your avatar's political life is far from over, there's always another election or another avatar.

Click here to start working your budget

Here are some real world links to help you understand the process: