Sunday, November 19, 2006

Guleff Calls for “No Republican Left Behind” US Congressional Seat

Memphis , TN – November 19, 2006 – Tom Guleff, founder of, may petition the Shelby County Commission for the creation of a second U.S. Congressional seat for the 9th District. “Since, the county commission is creating elected official positions, we want to ensure we are not left out of the political history re-write,” says Guleff. “Just because the Juvenile Court Judge position for Veronica Coleman (D) has hit a brick wall, we can’t give up on our behind the scenes move.”

According to the Commercial Appeal, Shelby County Commissioner Deidre Malone said that she'll ask the commission to rescind a controversial resolution that established a new division of Juvenile Court because she unintentionally violated the state's open meetings law. Her admission came just hours after Juvenile Court Judge Curtis Person filed a lawsuit against the commission charging that some members held secret and illegal meetings about the proposed judicial post prior to the Nov. 6 vote.

“However, that’s no reason not to try another heavy handed move”, says Tom. Here are a few reasons for the County Commission to create a new Republican House seat:

Republicans have been disenfranchised for too long in the District 9.

We need a Republican counter balance (to Steve Cohen) in the District 9.

The Republican appointee can share offices and staff to save money with Mr. Cohen (at least initially).

District 9 is overwhelmed by issues of poverty, crime, and education.

Although not discussed during the election, there is a real need for this second House position (for a Republican) within District 9.

There is no need to have a public hearing concerning our request. We want Deidre Malone to quickly and without hesitation forward this through the Commission before anyone can understand what has happened. Please do not take this request seriously; the people have already spoken during the election process.

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