Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Luttrell and Wharton Must Bring Schools To The Table, Now !!!!!

Friends and Neighbors,

To avoid another political tsunami, we are calling on the mayors of Memphis and Shelby County to become actively engaged in bringing the two school systems to the table to discuss recent developments around special school districts.

Political capital must be spent by Mark Luttrell and AC Wharton to bring the parties together and discuss the issue of schools before this storm spirals out of control. Groups are moving too quickly. It is a very complicated issue and the citizens deserve cooler heads in the room.

Our top political leaders can no longer simply stand on the sidelines, they must bring the parties together and force them to talk.

Recent discussions about efforts to dissolve the Memphis City Schools' charter and force consolidation of the county and city school systems are premature. Without information and dialogue, the intended solution may make the problem worse, which could include loss of funding and chaos within both school systems.

We need leadership, now!

Contact info:

Mayor@memphistn.gov Office (901) 576-6000

Mark.Luttrell@shelbycountytn.gov Office (901) 545-4500

Your action is required. Sincerely, Tom Guleff

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