Saturday, December 18, 2010

11th Hour Plea to Mayor Wharton and Mayor Luttrell - “Bring Schools To The Table”

Friends and Neighbors,

Once again, we are asking the mayors of Memphis and Shelby County to do whatever is necessary to bring the two school systems to the table to discuss recent developments around special school districts and a potential school charter surrender.

These far reaching issues deserve cooler heads. Our top political leaders can no longer talk about the issues; they must bring the parties together.
Emotions are running high, and a vote on the charter surrender resolution scheduled for Monday should be avoided at all cost.

Our community must have real discussions on reforming our school systems. This is not the way to travel the difficult road of reform.

Contact info: Office (901) 576-6000 Office (901) 545-4500

Your action is required. Sincerely, Tom Gule

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