Saturday, July 25, 2009

Paul Stanley, It's Time To Hit The Showers

Paul, I know this won't be easy, but it's time to resign before the coach comes out to the mound and pulls you from the game. You had a couple of strong innings, but the the game is too close to allow you to continue.

Hand the ball to Coach Ramsey and hit the showers.


MickeyWhite said...

So if Paul resigns his seat, most likely a current Republican Representative will run. It is a republican district, so the republican will run. So to fill the Empty seat, the DEMOCRATIC Shelby county commission will appoint someone (a democrat) to fill that seat. There goes the Republican House majority.

I still ask, Will he resign?
If he does, why not some real conservative run for his seat and NOT a current TN House member.

MickeyWhite said...

correction: , so the republican will WIN.

Tom Guleff said...

My bet, Lt Gov Ramsey pulls the plug this week on Paul.

Honestly, I am major league disappointed in Paul. I have a few friends that he bent over backwards to help (when no one else would) and he's always been nice to me. Very sad turn of events. I am sure he'll bounce back, he's a smart guy.

Polar Donkey said...

Stanley is "very" nice to Interns. Not so much to wives ;)

billp said...

Stanley deserves forgiveness for this. Democrats who have affairs with interns are hypocritical, immoral adulterers whose conduct exposes them for what they are. Republicans who do so are good, decent God-fearing people who simply made a mistake that should not overshadow their honorable character and strong moral convictions.