Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lowery ! You're the new platoon leader.

Here is some advice from the US Army Ranger Handbook to Memphis city council chairman Myron Lowery. Mr Lowery, let's see what you got.


Any platoon/squad member may have to take command of his element in an emergency, all members must be prepared to do so. During an assumption of command, situation permitting, the following tasks are accomplished applying Mission, Enemy, Terrain, etc., tasks are not necessarily accomplished in the following order:

(1) Informs the unit’s subordinate leaders of the command and notifies higher headquarters.
(2) Checks security.
(3) Checks crew served weapons.
(4) Pinpoints location.
(5) Coordinates and checks equipment.
(6) Checks personnel status.
(7) Issues FRAGO (if required).
(8) Reorganizes as needed maintaining unit integrity when possible
(9) Maintains noise and light discipline.
(10) If done in a patrol base, continues patrol base activities, especially security.
(11) Makes reconnaissance (at a minimum, a map recon).
(12) Finalizes plan.
(13) Executes the mission.

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