Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mike Hollihan Will Write The Last Wendi Thomas Story

I thought this was an interestesting comment concerning Wendi Thomas' writing in the CA: Wendi C. Thomas: Funeral dirge for newspapers plays on , because there's a strong possibility that bloggers will write the last stories of the newspaper business. And it doesn't look pretty.

Posted by mikehollihan on March 12, 2009 at 2:21 a.m.

You sing the death song, but where are the proposed solutions? I could not care less about the "stories" of Memphis from my newspaper. I can get that any number of places. What I care about are the things I *can't* get myself -- reporting on local and state government; reports from Council, Commission and Board meetings; reports from the vast myriad of commissions, committees and boards that local government has inflicted on us; reports from courtrooms. Give me news about the many local groups trying to make this city better or address a need, so I can support them or even join up. Warn me honestly and accurately about the dangers in this city, whatever they may be, and without any bias. Give me investigations of local businesses by knowledgeable, informed reporters who have the experience to know where and how to look and to recognise what they see.

Give me that instead of reprints of yesterday's national news, or yet another lame entertainment review, or a new recipe, or the 40th year of Peanuts and I'll start caring again and maybe buy the product!