Sunday, September 07, 2008

Stop Axe Grinding Term Limits

Memphis and Shelby County voters will get a chance to decide whether term limits should be applied to several elected positions come November. However, it is unfortunate that there are some local politicos attempting to make this nonpartisan issue, a “political party” issue.

The most recent opposition is coming from the Shelby County Democratic Executive Committee that opposes the current term limit movement. As with the failed Shelby County Ordinance 360, false arguments are surfacing once again. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the issue, term limits along with good governance should not be viewed through the prism of party loyalty.

We encourage both the Shelby County GOP and Shelby County Democratic Party to refrain from making this a political issue, and let the voters decide. This nonpartisan issue does not require political ax grinding, so let’s put the sharpeners away before we hurt ourselves.

We ask those involved to please, cease-and-desist.