Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vote No for Ordinance # 360 - Shelby County (TN)

In politics, Shelby County Ordinance #360 is a Trojan horse and should be repelled. Although disguised as a remedy to fix the defect in the current charter, the commission has “bundled” the measure with a provision to weaken our term limits from 2 terms to 3 terms. A “bundling” trick they’ve learned from the politicos in Washington, DC.

Send a strong “NO” signal to the politicians who are attempting to undo the 1994 referendum that established the two 4-year terms for the county commissioners and the county mayor by turning away this ordinance.

We encourage voters to vote “NO” on Ordinance #360, and send this Trojan horse at galloping speed back to the Shelby County Board of Commissioners so they can focus on the provisions of creating offices and end their backdoor approach to weakening our current term limits.

If the city of Memphis is in desperate need of term limits, and we believe they are, then why is Shelby County moving backwards?

To view the proposed ordinance, visit Shelby County Election Commission - Home