Saturday, October 27, 2007 Considers "Gifting" $200 to Commissioner to Change Vote

Upon the recent passage of the amendment loosening the ethics policy by the Shelby County Commission, is considering the unthinkable. "Some may view this as a little strange, but gifting $200 to a politician to do the right thing might be the only way to go. We don't believe that the commissioners will change their minds unless they see something in it for themselves," says Tom Guleff. "At this point, we know someone will consider the money, we're just haggling over the dollar amount. Would $199.99 do it just as well?”

Simply put, we would like the commission to revisit and overturn their recent amendment on gifts and free University of Memphis basketball tickets. If you stare at the ethics policy hard enough, one can view this as an offer to everyone on the commission. However, only one commissioner will receive the cash by making a stand and reversing the policy mistake.

We invite others in the community to follow our lead. There are those in town who will say that they have already given, and have the access and zoning they need. We simply say, dig deeper. Please contact the Shelby County Commission and insist that they forget about the perceived entitlements, perks, and gifts, and simply do the right thing by removing the recent amendment.

* (previous limit under ethics policy)

Commissioner Mike Carpenter
District 1, Position 3
(901) 545-4301

Commissioner George S. Flinn, Jr.
District 1, Position 2
(901) 545-4301

Commissioner Mike Ritz
District 1, Position 1
(901) 545-4301

Commissioner Henri E. Brooks
District 2, Position 2
(901) 545-4301

Commissioner J. W. Gibson, II
District 2, Position 1
(901) 545-4301

Commissioner Deidre Malone
District 2, Position 3
(901) 545-4301

Commissioner Sidney Chism
District 3, Position 2
(901) 545-4301

Commissioner Joe S. Ford
District 3, Position 3
(901) 545-4301

Commissioner James M. Harvey
District 3, Position 1
(901) 545-4301

Commissioner Joyce Avery
District 4, Position 1
(901) 545-4301

Commissioner Wyatt Bunker
District 4, Position 2
(901) 545-4301

Commissioner David Lillard
District 4, Position 3
Office Phone: (901) 524-5176 Home Phone: (901) 751-3366

Commissioner Steven Mulroy
District 5
(901) 545-4301