Monday, October 08, 2007

Does the Shelby County Commission's Cookie Jar Need a Refill?

It appears that the new ethic policy adopted a few months ago by our Shelby County commissioners has left their cookie jar with a lot less crumbs to pass around. There is already movement to expand the gift limit. It is sad that our first change in ethics reform will be to add greater flexibility in receiving gifts. "I think it is shocking what people will do for a cookie or a few tickets to a basketball game,” says Tom Guleff of

According to the preamble of the ethics policy, "It must always be remembered that any action taken by a public official which tends to weaken public trust and confidence undermines the foundation of government."

Every parent knows that the cookie jar needs to be put on the highest shelf in the kitchen. We ask that the Commissioners for the moment live by the standards of the current ethics policy. We don't need elected officials sick again over petty corruption that starts with the feverish and misguided entitlements of public service. On second thought, with the past gluttony of corruption in this town, let us put the cookie jar away, lets stop baking the cookies and start the strict diet of honesty and integrity.