Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rosalind Kurita at Survivor’s Tribal Council

Democa tribe leader Jim Kyle has dispatched a letter to members of the island castaways, attacking fellow tribe mate Rosalind Kurita. The Kyle parchment made of coconut husks -- dated Monday, February 5 -- takes Kurita to task for her vote at the last tribal meeting establishing Repoca Tribe's Ron Ramsey as Speaker on the Island, the first Repoca Speaker since the initial season.

Leader of the Democa tribe, Jim Kyle, made the following remarks from his hut:

Dear Castaway,

Today I write to you not as the Democa Leader, but rather as a fellow Democa that feels the need to communicate to you the facts regarding tribe woman Kurita's recent vote at tribal council for Island Speaker, which ultimately tipped the scales to Repoca's Ron Ramsey (loser of the last reward challenge.)

I know she will be communicating with other tribe mates in the future and may even ask to come speak to you in our camp and I simply wanted you to have this information, so you may digest it with your rice and fish and use it as you see fit. (This is a classic strategy, used in Season 3.)

Since her vote at the last tribal council, Kurita has only communicated with Democas through conk shells. She has told our tribe members a tale of how she will bring both sides of the Island together in a civilized way prior to the merge. Kurita remarked to the show's host, "I voted Tuesday for a togetherness that will provide clear direction and accountability to everyone on this island. The tribe has spoken." (Richard Hatch, the winner of the first season, used this same exact tactic.)

"I told her that I would be fair to the Democa Tribe to prevent the same kind of slash-and-burn atmosphere that we saw in Survivor Season 4", Repoca's Ron Ramsey told the show's host. However, every Repoca, with the exception of one, got the maximum number of immunity necklaces. (The show's producers intentionally limit resources, i.e. fishing gear, matches, machetes, blankets, and rice to produce great television drama.)

The show's host made a statement to The Island Paper on January 17th saying, "Kurita said she voted her conscience, and I accept that along with a new buff. I presume if that is the case, she's not going to take some reward out of that vote." She did in fact accept a reward that has cost some long-time Democas their shelter and flint in order to make room for partisan Repoca's. (Season 1 introduced the term "Alliances" when Richard Hatch and Rudy made a deal not to vote each other off.)

The blunt truth of the matter is that Kurita lied to me and she lied to her fellow Democas, and she lied to the viewing audience. For months, tribe member Kurita told me and tribe chief John while gathering fire wood that she was going to vote for him for Island Speaker. She never told any Democas of her decision to change her vote. She blindsided the very members of her tribe who supported her in the reward and immunity challenges and compromised the ability of other Democas to have their voice heard. (Survivor – out play, out wit, out lie)

This is not about who sits in the Island Speaker's chair. This is about trust, confidence and moral character, (attributes never displayed in any of the preceding Survivor seasons.) I'm sure Kurita believes people will soon forget what she did and will not hold her accountable for her actions. I hope you help prove her wrong. Please, grab your torches and head back to camp.

Signed, Jim Kyle – fellow castaway

This is only a parody. I think.