Monday, February 26, 2007

JoeCitizens’ MLGW Notification List

According to a document recently given to federal authorities, Memphis Light, Gas, and Water created a system to notify top executives at the utility if certain politicians faced service disconnection due to unpaid bills. “There seems to be some confusion over the different notification processes,” says Tom Guleff, founder of

Third Party Notification, designed to inform relatives when a family member faces service cutoff due to unpaid bills, is often used to shield the elderly and disabled. Using the program, a family member can be notified and given time to pay a loved one's bill, preventing service disconnection. These customers are informed of potential cutoffs by MLGW's customer service agents, not the utility's executive staff. thought it appropriate to provide our MLGW Notification list:

Federal Bureau of Investigation 901-747-4300
Internal Revenue Service 901-544-4262
District Attorney 901-545-5900
US Marshal 901-544-3304
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation 901-379-3400
US Attorney 901-544-4013
Job Services / Unemployment Claims 901-543-7535